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Paul & Camey Converse

Paul & Camey Converse








A Word About Our Pastor

by Chris Berleth, webmaster

Pastor Converse isn’t like any Pastor you’ve ever met before, and I’m confident that if he were typing this brief note up himself, he’d tell you the same thing.  With a grin and a relaxed pose, he’d tell you he can be goofy, that he loves talking to people, and that he’s genuinely interested in sharing about Jesus – with you.

The Christian Gospel Fellowship is all about following Christ, preaching the gospel, and enjoying one another and spurring each other on to obedience in Christ.  Simply put, Pastor Converse is our most visible representative and one of our best- he loves the Lord Jesus Christ.  As his friend and fellow Elder, there is no mistaking his love for the Lord, others, and for those in his charge.  You really just need to meet him.

Having become a Christian in adulthood, Pastor Paul studied at what is now Davis College in Binghamton, NY.  Gifted in encouragement, he loves visiting with just about anyone, and enters in with broken people like myself all the time.  Wise, prudent, and dedicated to the teaching of the Word, Pastor Converse ministers to his congregation not only through teaching, preaching, prayer, and encouragement, but by his quiet and firm dedication to his family.

Pastor Paul Converse, Sr. and his lovely wife Camey celebrated 43 years of marriage in 2016.  An avid hunter, fisherman, scooter-rider, slowest-pitch-ever-softball pitcher, and patron of local breakfast nook, “The Alley Cat”, Pastor Converse is the kind of Pastor to whom you can freely ask questions about Jesus.

So come on down to TCGF and hear Pastor Converse preach the Word of God.  If you’re lucky, he might even show you his scooter, or his secret softball pitch.  (Spoiler alert: it’s all in the wrist.)