Sermon – A Powerful Church Series (Part 2)

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Matthew 9:1-17

A Welcoming Church is a Powerful Church
Bringing People to Jesus


  1. The Compassion Jesus Showed v. 1-8 we see:
    A. The man’s condition v2
    B. The helpers conviction v2 – the friends had a living faith, an active faith
    C. The man’s cure v2a Spiritually; v6 physically
    D. The people’s conclusion v8
  2. The Call Jesus Shared v9 “follow Me” – The Lord’s call to Matthew was:
    A. A passing call
    B. A personal call “Matthew” – Sinners need a Savior
    C. A public call
    D. A precise call “follow Me”
    E. A productive call – v9 “He arose and followed Him”
    F. A precious call – Matthew a publican despised by Pharisees, yet loved by the Lord.
    (1) Look at the Companions Matthew brought v10 – Saints bring friends to Jesus
         (2) Look at the Company Jesus sought v11 “why does He eat with sinners?”

Why was He here?

He tells us in v13 “I am not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.

  1. The Conversion He Secures v14-17
    new sacks are for new wine, not reformation but regeneration is needed.
    2 Corinthians 5:17
    1. Luke 19:10
    2. Luck 13:3